Although I tried them, I never really got very friendly with various brewing software out there.   BeerSmith2 is OK, but it lacks the features to fully document fermentation and decoctions.   The interface is a bit clumsy too and the software has serious performance issues when it comes to persistence (Ie saving and loading data).  For decoctions it lacks the ability to document how the decoction part is handled and converted.  The way fermentation is documented is not of any use either, since it won’t show what happens during the second fermentation and the conditioning phase.  It’s just way too rigid there.

Enter the “brew recipe developer“, which is freeware (not open source, you won’t get the source code) and is finally able to document a decoction schedule.

Triple decoction schedule
Triple decoction schedule

Fermentation is also documented in a useful and flexible manner.   If you are like myself and don’t like your wine and beer filtered, then this is most useful…


A few shortcomings are that it is not that great at recording the pH at various stages, notably the pH and gravity at sparge stop, but I can live with this since this can be simply recorded in the notes.

It won’t do inventory management either.  That’s a very conscious decision by the author because it adds unnecessary complexity and can be easily handled by a spreadsheet or any other method or application.

The software supports German and English.

Give it a whirl!