I recently came across this very interesting process of conducting fermentation.  Ideally it would require a fermenter bigger thant the brewhouse capacity (up to 3 times).  It’s also great when working with fresh yeast from a vial or smack pack since it yields a proper pitching rate when working with a reduced amount of yeast…


To cut a long story short, once the first batch is fermenting (high Kraeusen), the wort of the next batch is added.  This can happen several times and is great for people who have small boiler capacities to make bigger batches.

Ludwig Narziss reports that this technique allows for better attenuation and reduced ester levels.   In ales this may not be so much of an issue, but it’s mostly beneficial to lagers – desirable even.

Speidel’s Kellermeister just fits in the fridge I converted into a fermentation chamber. Can’t wait to try this out with the next series of Pils in the planning…  Maybe it’s time to order one and get going 🙂

Looks like there will be a lot of beer for our Bavarian Garden party in summer!