Soooo….  I managed to successfully harvest the yeast from the infamous Schneider brewery


A little bit of research yields the following grain bill for their Tap 7 (formally known as the “Original”)

  • 2171g pale wheat
  • 197g carawheat
  • 1537g pilsner
  • 38g carafa III

This is my interpretation of the grain bill…. let’s see how this turns out.  The hopping schedule is as follows

  • 34g Hallertau Mittelfrueh (4.6% AA) 60 mins
  • 28g Tettnanger (2.4% AA) 5 mins

Total boil time is 90mins.

The mash schedule is a single or double decoction mash, favouring a lean body (Weizen already provides plenty of body).  Brewhouse efficiency is at 92% for a double decoction.

The target is a beer wight he following specs

  • 12.8 Plato OG
  • 13 IBU
  • 19 EBC
  • ABV 5%

Check this article for how to mash this one…