This schedule is described in more detail in “Abriss der Bierbrauerei” by Ludwig Narziss, Faculty of Brewing Technology, TU Munich.

  1. Mash in at 50C
  2. 10 – 20 minutes protein rest
  3. 1st decoction: pull 30% of thick mash (1:2) and rest at 68C until iodine normal.
  4. Boil 1st decoction for 20 minutes
  5. Slowly return 1st decoction to main mash (still a lot) to reach 65C
  6. 2nd decoction pull 30% of thick mash (1:2) and rest at 68C until iodine normal.
  7. Boil 2nd decoction for 15 minutes
  8. Return decoction to main mash to achieve 76C for mash out.

The protease activity can be controlled by using temperatures in the range of 45-55C at mash in and the duration of this phase.

Final gravity can be influenced by the temperature in the combined rest (step 5) in the  62-68C range (optimal yields in the 62-65C range).  It may further be influenced buy the saccharification time of the 2nd decoction.  The first decoction mostly serves to optimise the potential yield of the enzymes.

Total mash time is 3-4 hours.

This schedule is suitable for mouthfull, well-rounded beers with good foam retention.

Note:  For the Schneider batch the first was to iodine normal then 10 minutes rest.  Second batch was 15 minutes rest as soon as it hit target temp.